Some Brilliant People who have Worked With me & What They Are Saying…


Ada S.

“Priscila is by far one of the most compassionate healers I had the honour to work with. Up to this day, I am surprised by how accurate and spot-on she is in our readings and healing sessions. The care, beauty and grace she works with allow everyone to sink in a safe place filled with harmony and bliss. All deep fears, limiting beliefs, resentment, regret or anything with a heavy weight is then easily lifted and a deep sense of relief unravels.

Working with her facilitated recovering my confidence and sense of trust, it helped me break a series of unhealthy patterns and allowed me to continue ascending without fear, with love, certainty and excitement. Our sessions brought me value on a profound, core level and undeniably changed my life for the better. - Thank you so much my beloved!”


Milena D.

“Priscila Juliana is simply one of a kind! - Being such a warm hearted, Gentle, Highly intuitive and sensitive soul, I always feel protected and safe working with her. The connection Priscila and I share is so special that we can communicate even without words and simply let our souls do all the magic.

Priscila worked all her life on gathering divine knowledge from all sort of healing practices around the world and even very ancient Indian, Egyptian and shamanic pieces of wisdom, bringing it all together in a very unusual, extremely powerful and highly divine healing-method. I have worked with many healers throughout my life but I know of no other than Priscilla Juliana who works like this and who can connect all of these divine insights in the most powerful and all-embracing way.

She is a vassal for higher consciousness, bringing it down to mother earth and to all the people on this planet that choose to work on expanding their limitless potential.

Whatever my deepest feelings, fears, Traumas, childhood experiences, current desires, dreams and life-goals are, Priscilla Juliana creates a space for honesty, trust and divine transformation. She worked with me and guided me through immensely important periods of transformation, re-discovery and Release in my life.

Each of Her sessions is tailor-made and specified, exactly cut to your current transformation and emotional stage. I could literally see and feel myself transforming after each session, becoming free of old attachments and ready to step into a new, divine energy that helps me to rediscover my divinity and my highest truth that is living already inside of me, but just needed a mirror. Priscila recognized my true self, which was an invaluable experience that left me with deep gratitude and amazement, and was part of my own healing journey.

Especially in the fast-paced period of time that we are living in right now, support towards divine guidance and truthful direction is the most beautiful thing that could have happened to me.

Working with Priscila Juliana, I can finally become whatever I choose to be as if I had not only turned a page in the library of life, but opened a whole new book.

I am incredibly inspired by Priscila’s work and I am so proud of myself now being able to choose the life that I want to live and to include and attract the people that I want to have as part of my journey.

That being said, Priscila made me make autonomous life-choices that are in no part influenced by any third party or outside reinforcement. I am directly following my purpose, truthfully and unapologetically, and I couldn’t have done it without Priscilla Juliana. I changed my job, my country, my friend-circle, healed old family drama and child traumas within only a few months of working with her.

I live a fast-paced life and I travel a lot. The best part of working with Priscilla Juliana is that I can connect with her whenever and wherever I want. Priscilla Juliana provides session in person but also over the Internet like Skype or zoom. Although first I was feeling critical about the long-distance sessions, I immediately felt that energy knows no boundaries and that the work is as healing and smoothing as if she would stand right next to me. This new digital form of energy work is next level and extremely fitting to the spirit of the 21 st century.

As beautiful and deliberating each of the sessions with Priscilla Juliana is, the work is not done after the session. Priscila always gives me “homework” so I can activate my self-healing Powers and the divine wisdom within me. It takes practice and discipline to achieve my goals and I had the most positive experiences listening, earning, and applying new knowledge. The journey on this earth is never ending and so each session helps me to increase my level of consciousness, spirituality, wholeness and connection to source energy.

Priscilla Juliana’s work is crucial for humanity, as it provides a way to establish a solid, strong and resilient base to challenges of the daily life. Be it family, school, work, partnership or friendship, you remain calm and much more capable of handling things as your energy focus has shifted and your self-healing powers are activated.

Sometimes during the sessions, things come up that are not easy to digest and to bear, but they are stuck inside of us and put a grey veil on our light. These parts need attention, love and care so they can be transformed and released. Nothing is too deep, dark or negative to ever be touched upon so it can dissolve and be transmuted in the highest light of all. Priscila helped me to look at these spots that needed healing so I can proceed with what is really important in my life now.

I discovered that getting to know myself entirely and learning on how to release my Full potential has been the most important thing I ever had to learn in the 24 years that I have been on this planet. I feel ready to reach my goals while being gentle, strong and radiating pure light and bliss. Everything starts with self-discovery, self-love and self-knowing, and Priscila Juliana helped in the most efficient and all-embracing ways to find that inner peace, strength and beauty that lays in all of us. - Working with Priscila feels like going back home.

I recommend Priscila Juliana to everyone who wants to master getting in touch with their highest potential, releasing old blockages and making space for the divine spirit to come through and transform in the most beautiful way. Priscila helps to find your way back to wholeness and stillness. I am feeling ready to be the best version of myself and to live out my truth and I hope that many other people can get to this level too. Priscila’s work is accessible to everyone, in every situation, to every stage of your evolution. - Being on earth is beautiful thing and Priscila Juliana helps you to embody heaven on earth to shine and share your light entirely.”


Gloria E.

"Five years ago I was diagnosed with a chronic inflammatory disease which caused the total collapse of my faith in life and progressively increased the internal fears that had been hidden in my subconscious since my childhood.

During those five years I gave myself to the tireless search for healing my health problems, going from conventional medicine treatments to various methods of alternative medicine. But in the last year my situation worsened when I started to suffer from panic attacks that appeared every day. I felt that fear had invaded me completely.

Finding myself in this desperate situation, I had the good fortune to meet the brazilian healer Priscila Juliana, who performed a Theta Healing treatment, and with this treatment I have achieved a drastic and super positive change within myself. Already from this first treatment I began to feel how the symptoms that had accompanied me every day during the last year were relieved and I began to feel a great strength and security, joy of living, positivism, faith and a feeling of plenitude. As if the treatment had extracted from within me the root-cause that was creating this terrible situation of illness and fear.

I feel infinite gratitude for having had the fortune to perform this treatment with Priscila, and to enjoy the wonderful and surprising effects that it is producing in my life.

I would like to share my wonderful experience, so that many people who are seeking healing know that this treatment can restore their health and all the well-being they crave for.

Infinitely grateful. Thank you, Priscila Juliana. You are a beautiful Angel.”


Nils E.

“Priscila Juliana is one of the most spot on healers I have ever worked with. Her reading of me, prior to our actual session, resonated word for word. Her cosmic downloads during our session helped me tremendously to gain more insight into myself. Highly recommended!”


Jessica B.

“I‘m feeling really good. I was really surprised by what Priscila told me in the session because I had never talked to her about that. It was something that came up even when I took ayahuasca and I knew I had to work on that. But after the session everything seemed so clear, as If those bad feelings towards myself were simply erased. Even if I struggle some days it seems that that feeling of not being enough is not coming back.

thank you again so much for helping me overcome this Priscila!!I would love to keep working with you as I feel that there is a lot of potential.”


Tim B.

“I feel touched by the hands of the goddess. This deep presence welcomes me into the flow of Divine Love.

I am so happy in love now and very very happy... I feel that your divine touch and care, those treatments helped a lot to open myself for the beauty of the goddess in a human body ... again.... Thank you so much!”


Fabiana N.

“It is difficult to describe in words everything I felt and saw in my session with Priscilla Juliana.

A profusion of strong lights that in the end I could not open my eyes at once, a rainbow of different colours to each part she touched.

I have seen very intimate, powerful and sensory things. I felt such great energy, so warm, protective, soothing, that it trembled and shivered all over me. I arrived full of pain in my back and I left full of dreams and hopes.

Priscilla opens channels that are unknown for us to canalise, it took me to an intense and magical universe.

I didn’t know there was such a big Diamond inside of me, and that I can take it with me everywhere because I am light. And I owe this to Priscila.

GRATITUDE is not enough to describe my feeling towards you, Pri!

I woke up happy, smiling and humming.

Keep shining, you beautiful star, and spreading this gift that was naturally given to you!”


Zen J.

"Thank you so much for this profound healing and crystalised report. I feel deeply touched by your wisdom, authenticity and open-hearted LOVE which combined with Theta healing technology is having an immeasurably positive effect on my mental, emotional, physical and spiritual well-being."