Hi! I'm Priscila Juliana

Let's get to know each other a bit better?

Naturally at young age, I’ve been always a truth seeker interested in the topics of spirituality, science, quantum physics, personal growth, higher consciousness, Mother Earth and solutions to environmental issues, as well as the human evolution, and our connection with the divine. 

My passionate seeking for higher purpose and making a difference has lead me to dig deeper along within my personal evolutionary journey. I finally learned from Spirit and from my personal experiences, that the real crises behind the crises we see in the world, is in fact a crises of consciousness. - That the solutions for a better world is an inside job.

That’s how life has put the pieces together for me, and aligned my soul purpose with this work here:

To change the world one person at a time, and show everyone that we are individually and collectively part of All That Is (Source, Creator, God), that we are Love, that we are Free, that we can Do, Be, and Create anything we choose to, that we are meant to live from the Heart!



My Credentials

I am a certified Thetahealer®, holistic therapist certified in Multidimensional Healing Therapy or "Healing By The Heart", psychic, intuitive healer, certified Balinese Massage Therapist, have been a student of The School Of Remembering® for many years, and much more. - I continue to learn from the highest and best teachers in the fields I am guided to in order to consistently grow, and serve you better.


Why I chose to do this work?

Because I can relate! 

I know what is like to carry generations of layers, fears, conditioning, and limitations in my cells, in my dna, and my belief system. I know what is like to believe that suffering "somehow" was my teacher for life, to struggle to be in this world, to be broke, also heartbroken, to have depression, ansiety, panic attacks, to feel confused, hopeless, lost. To feel lonely, unworthy of receiving love and living my best life. - No need to go into details, but I think I've got a picture of how hell can look like... I’ve been there. But, don't worry!- Here comes THE BEST Part: I know what it takes to Change That!  I know what it takes to become free of limitations, to dissolve unnecessary fears, and start living a Life of Joy, of Freedom, of Abundance, Wealth, of Love, Purpose, Courage, Kindness, Inner Peace, Balance, Good Health. I know what it feels like to come Home to my True Self. I know what it takes to polish my diamond within and be the Light I Am. - And that's why I am here to help You polish YOUR DIAMOND TOO!

a channeled message for you

Many of you are tired of being stuck in the loop of the lower 3D reality, tired of repeating experiences of drama and suffering in your relationships, struggle in your finances, work and career, being caught up in negative emotions and thought patterns, self-judgement, and constant self-doubt. Tired of being unstable, unbalanced, moving back and forward between your 3D and 5D realities, between lower and higher frequency. 

You want true wellbeing, as your dominant state.

You wanna master your vibration, you want to upgrade your life and step with both feet into 5D, anchor the Light in your physical form, and become fully stable, integrated within the energies of Gaia, of New Earth. 

You wanna experience the flow, the joy, the fun, the bliss, the inner peace, the abundance, and the knowingness of being fully embodied in a higher frequency reality every day, as a lifestyle - Your lifestyle!

You are tired of not living the life you love, the life you are meant and called to live, tired of not having the freedom you desire and the abundance you deserve - which are indeed your birthright. You are tired of not knowing your gifts and not sharing them, tired of not trusting yourself, of not taking any risks, and not taking the steps necessary to live your soul's deep purpose.

You are being seen, dear one. 

You are being heard. 

There is great love for you here.

We are supporting you, and you are being taken care in this magnificent process.

This work has been divinely designed to offer personal assistance to individuals who feel called to accelerate their self-development and ascension process, so they can more rapidly integrate the new 5D lifestyle, anchor love based energies in their thoughts, emotions, feelings, and actions, build strong foundation, improve self-mastery, integrate the new light codes, ground their soul-merge and higher embodiment with more ease, and more quickly come into leadership and Soul Service that each are called to embrace here on Earth at this time.  

You are born to be a Diamond on Earth! Literally. 

Let me take you by the hand with the support of Creator’s highest and finest guides, to walk you Home, each step of the way, to accelerate your personal ascension process, so you can more easily, more joyfully become empowered, become free, step into your higher potential, into your Soul calling - and to indeed live the Life You love!

We are the leaders, and the changes we have been waiting for, dear ones!

Embody your Multidimensionality, step into the beauty, grace, and magnificence of your empowered Being, and let us co-create heaven on earth together. 

It is time! 

Priscila Juliana