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Diamond Ascension

Is It Time for you To Heal every area of your life, reconnect with your true purpose, and let your soul lead the show?

You are born to be a diamond on earth, And live an extraordinary life!

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If you could create anything in your life right now, what would that be?


Coaching & Personal Transformation Guided By Spirit

In Diamond Ascension I work with most effective energy healing modalities, transformational tools, strategic programs, and direct guidance from Spirit (Source Energy) to best serve your evolutionary process and accelerate your personal ascension into a life where you’re totally happy, by being totally You - The true You.

Be ready to dissolve limitations, fears, negative beliefs, conditioning and unconscious blockages standing in the way of you manifesting your deepest heart and soul desires. Together, we will walk you back to your true divine nature - The unlimited and powerful Creator within You - empowering you as a whole with whatever might be necessary for you to create and design your most extraordinary life - Becoming a diamond on earth.

Welcome to a fabulous journey to Freedom, Wholeness, Abundance, And Oneness.

I believe that it is our collective agreement as souls incarnated on Earth right now, to no longer accept or choose a reality based on the limitations imposed by our society, and based on the struggles caused by the disempowering subconscious beliefs we might have learned from our parents, our ancestors, from our childhood, or even from our own past disappointments in life. Our story doesn’t define who we are. We are not what happened to us. The truth is:- We are unlimited Beings, with infinite consciousness and infinite potential to live our dream lives - to Be and Do what we truly came here for!

“Learn who you are. And Be it.” - We are paradigm shifters.

As we bring Light to every parts of ourselves, polishing each facet of our Diamond, (including our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual bodies - as well as relationships, career, finances, goals, dreams and life vision) - That’s how we become refined containers of the highest frequencies of the Universe, that’s when we easily and naturally allow only Love and Above energies to make up our world and flow to and through us at all times. - Our old beliefs, limitations and blockages are cleared and changed into new energy, empowered beliefs and elevating habits, our wounds are healed, our heart is open and free, our true gift and power is activated - And that’s how we become diamonds on earth, that’s when Life starts delivering us gifts even bigger than the ones we dreamt of. That’s when we align in our authentic role as co-creators of heaven on earth.

This is an invitation to achieve greatness, becoming the best version of You, and receive guided support in both: your inner game and outer game! in order to dream big and take the steps necessary, choosing to live a soulful life, manifesting from the Source within, and designing your entire reality based on genuine Joy, Creativity, Unlimited Abundance and Contribution.

What to expect from the offers inside Diamond Ascension?

We aim to facilitate a global positive impact, by changing the world one person at a time. In this platform I will channel information from Spirit and share the most effective tools, practices, and updates to help you accelerate your growth, bring "divine guided" solutions to heal any arena of life, help you to permanently change your reality, and effectively guide you into being your most authentic Self, design your freedom, deliver your greatest gifts to the world, and ultimately: live the life you love, live from the Soul.

Ride a wave of constant manifestation flow, become a "bliss magnet", find a deeper, more integrated relationship to Source Energy (God, All That Is), and experience heaven on earth, on a daily basis.

Learn what I call the key to highest success: How to achieve greatness, live an extraordinary life with balance, inner peace, love, adventure, freedom, purpose, soul inspired action, and effortless abundance flow when you heal and nurture the 2 most important relationships of your life:

☑︎Your relationship to Yourself, and each aspect of your multidimensional human, and…

☑︎Your relationship to spirit, God, Universe, Source Energy, The Divine, Creator Of All That Is, you name it!


Hello, beloved!



I’m Priscila Juliana - a certified Thetahealer®, Global Ascension Facilitator, Therapist & Coach, as well as Lifestyle Influencer, Spiritual Guide, New Paradigm Designer, Changemaker, Model, and Conscious Entrepreneur.

I’m a lover of Life, utterly passionate about actively contributing to the wellbeing and evolution of humanity, of our Planet Earth, and ultimately expanding my own growth, in order to serve you better!

My purpose is to help people become Free - Free of limitations, conditioning, unnecessary fear, illusion and self-sabotage, anything stopping them from being who they really came here to be. I help people connect with their true inner power, learn how to use it every day, embody the unique gifts of their soul, share their gifts, embody their true divine nature, remember that we are part of All That Is, that we are beings of infinite potential, that we are diamonds on earth and we are born with the important mission to become the greatest version of ourselves, stop hiding behind our fears and blockages, to fulfil the deepest desires of our heart and soul, to have a greater impact and contribution and start shining our unique light bright in the world! - You are powerful beyond measure and I wanna help you activate that. - By cultivating the habit of making new choices aligned to your highest joy, wellbeing, your soul values and higher vision, cultivating balance, mindful presence, spiritual practice, personal healing of your mental, physical and emotional bodies, expanding and integrating All aspects of your most authentic Self - That’s how we can play a greater role in the world & be indeed the diamond we came here to be.

My job is to polish and unleash those Diamonds, people who are ready to radiate their Light, create a Life that they absolutely Love, to inspire others, deliver their greater mission, live their dreams without compromising, and make the world a better place.

Find here effective tools to apply in your daily life - From spirituality to mindset, personal growth, wellbeing, self-love, healthy habits, positive impact, service and purpose, conscious business, relationships, wealth, and other juicy stuff that I love to share in this platform - to support personal freedom and collective evolution. - Living in “ascension mode” as a lifestyle!

You no longer have to live in fear. You no longer need to limit yourself. It is time to be Free! With Freedom, comes empowerment. With Freedom, comes natural abundance. You are born to be a Diamond on Earth.
It is time to ascend!
— Priscila Juliana


Definition, Ascension: 

    1. The action of rising to an important position or a higher level.     1.1 The ascent of Christ into heaven on the fortieth day after the Resurrection.
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Can you relate?

Ascension by definition is the path of those Souls who are here on Earth and have consciously chosen to step into a higher frequency within their human experience. It’s when we choose to come back to our “Wholeness”, healing, aligning and balancing every aspect of life, taking our personal growth and evolution to the next level - physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. 

It is the path of those ready to follow their bliss, master their reality by living from a state of alignment to Divine Source Energy. It’s the process of setting free from limitations and lower states of being, playing a bigger game in this lifetime, remember their soul purpose, detox their mind from toxic belief programs, unleash super-consciousness, awake their superpowers, up-level the quality of wellbeing, abundance and fulfilment in all areas of life, shine their unique light as role models, and naturally contribute to a positive change in our world. Those who are here to experience, as well as to co-create heaven on earth through their being-ness, lifestyle, their business, their influence, and by anchoring a strong higher vibration on the planet with their Presence and their creations. 

The path of the Soul-Merge

As you probably know, humanity as a collective is experiencing a massive shift at this time in history. In the path of the Soul-Merge, at the same time that the frequency of our physical body and our physical reality is ascending to a much higher vibration, it also occurs a "descension", the merging of “All That Is Above” - The Divine, Great Spirit, Source, your Soul Purpose and Unique Gifts, - coming "down" and integrating with “All That Is Below” - the human experience on earth, your human body, the physical vessel containing the soul, anchored within the energy of Gaia, Mother Earth - and so we materialize in human form the embodiment of Who We Really Are & What We Are Here For - powerful co-creators, magnificent Fully Activated Beings of kindness, love, wisdom, and radiant light, ready to successfully deliver our higher mission, make a difference, and have a positive impact in the world. 

Ascension is literally the path of Being Heaven on Earth - to live from joy, from creativity and contribution. It is to design a new paradigm, creating a new reality with more freedom and wellbeing for ourselves and others, detoxing our inner and outer worlds, and being the Diamond we are born to be. 


1-on-1 Coaching: Work With Me 

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changing the world one person at a time

Expect Miracles...

The 1-to-1 private sessions with Priscila Juliana in the Diamond Ascension program are 
unique life-changing opportunities to Heal Your Life using the effective 
Thetahealing® technique

Examples Of How A Private Session Can Improve Your Life: 

  • Belief Work - using theta brainwave we are able to identify and change those unsupportive, disempowering belief programs you are carrying in your mind coming from your society, parents, school, religion, ancestors, childhood... Those programs determine the way you see the world, and how you respond to your daily cirscumstances. Because of these belief programs, you can unconsciously magnetize a very disempowering reality that matches those beliefs.
  • Release you from fear based negative thoughts, feelings, emotions, traumas, rejection, regrets, resentments, self-judgment, disempowering behaviour patterns, karmic entanglements, cords of attachments, release soul contracts, vaults, oats... 
  • Divine Guidance for making decisions that are in most alignment with your soul purpose.
  • Reveal your greatest gifts, and what are your next steps to live a happier life
  • Heal The Heart & Soul
  • Grounding - Learn to navigate life from a heart centered space. Find balance, peace, and love within.
  • Unleash Super-Consciousness - become whole, divinely aligned with Spirit (Source), and fully activated

Sessions are fully operated and guided by Spirit (Source), with the assistance of the highest and finest guides. It has the main purpose to set you Free from current limitations that are keeping you stuck, stopping you from living your life purpose, wellbeing, health, freedom, joy, fulfilment, success and natural abundance that you are meant to experience in this lifetime.

It is also a Purification, an alchemical process - It helps you to prepare your physical, emotional, mental, and energy bodies to receive ascended light codes, activations, vibrate higher, become stable in order to better integrate with your Soul, deliver your unique gifts to the world, and fulfill your higher mission with more ease and grace. 

In that way, the less "dense" your energy becomes,  the more you can anchor the Light, an overall higher frequency in your Beingness and lifestyle - you can then naturally level up to a state where heaven can be already experienced here on earth, in your daily life.


Due to its brilliant effectiveness and fast results, Thetahealing® is an essential complementary tool to any other self-development and healing modality available.

An attainable miracle for your life!


I can't wait to see you.


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